With years of hard efforts and experience over engineering, design, procurement, construction financing, logistics, Parsian has made its best efforts for power handling to utilities, industrial plants, electric railway, steel and cement market, petrochemical plants, oil and gas industries.

Parsian has hardly taken active measures, strengthening and improving the best engineering functions to optimize resources allocation, enhancing asset operation efficiency and upgraded transformation on engineering improvement on designs and ways of power supply to its customers during the short time term from its professional commencement. Nowadays with expanding of energy market, penetration and sharpening to international trade on energy handling remains on top of Parsians agenda driving its trading and contacting business through innovation, consolidate in areas of planning , consultancy, engineering, financial analyses and any professional skills to provide end to end project management solution for its clients imaginations.

Technical & Executive Management

 Parsian Group Business mainly and strongly has launched a comprehensive power and energy initiative in response to work force and energy development by focusing on its internal different departments. The largest department amongst the Group Companies encircles the technical and executive departments and alongside the other active parts of the group of companies are in charge of all projects engineering and executive activities focused on EPC basis. Project planning and controlling of domestic and international demands related to high voltage substations, transmission lines, industrial electrical utility systems, instrumentation and automation of power plants and industries, railway are met here for more than 50 projects at present.

Research all Development

  Today the world economy and intensive global trade competition is multi polarized. Making progress in such circumstances needs setting up a bust management on handling of fast and exact performance of projects. To improve earning strength and involvement in international, standardization activities, are attempting to optimize performance and quality and cost controls engaging independent R & D activities by using today economy knowledge technology facilities encountered in industry and with developing of R & D centers in each branch of company.